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Felt like i needed to delete the integrity top from depop as im not sure if i want to sell it still as i always get ‘err um do you know who integrity is?’ When someone likes it on there. I think i might still sell it but to someone who i know knows who they are? If that makes sense. If its someone i already know well and like, hell i might even give it to them for free… I got another integrity other top anyway… Just trying to get rid of memories ugh

  -  20 April

Anonymous asked: whenever anyone asks about you I always have the last laugh because I tell them 'shes got a big arse' but little do they know were all about the bootay

Uhh ok hahaha

  -  19 April

Anonymous asked: dont worry what people write lil. if someone who doesnt know you choses to concern themselves with your life based on what they think they know about you or see on the internet, the jokes on them.

Thanks! Its just a bit hilarious as thats the best they can come up with. Its like primary school stuff haha! I could of thought of better insults!

  -  19 April

Anonymous asked: im sure if you told the doctors that looked after you that they didnt do anything and it was all gods plan theyd be pretty narked too. you just cant help some people...

She just doesnt get modern life. She left school at 14 to look after the family farm. She contradicts her self in so many ways, goes to church every sunday and easter/xmas etc but goes gambling, has a race horse, used to go fox hunting, and is racist?! My mum has pointed out to her what you have just said too and she just goes silent and ignores it haha! Tbh the nurses helped way more in my recovery especially. The doctors were good but they told my parents id basically be a vegetable for the rest of my life and didnt even notice i was having a seizure in my coma… The rookwood ones were way better in my opinion though as they clearly knew about this stuff more and specialised in it.

  -  19 April

So my nan got all pissy and god sqaddery with my sister and me earlier, all because we said we didnt want to go to church later. She was all ‘everyones prayed for you to get better’ and to my sis ‘we can pray for you to get good exam results’ hahahahaha!
I told her it wasnt exactly her business to tell everyone at her church and acting all high n mighty considering she only visited me twice in hospital and my other nan visited me pretty much everyday, bought me loads of things, oh and she had a job and didnt book holidays while her granddaughter was in fucking hospital nearly dying! Just narks me off her naivety to everything. I appreciate people thinking about me etc and its lovely to know people are looking out for me but sorry i dont want to go to mass and fall asleep.
I felt like saying, and so did my sister, ‘if god is real and has helped me get better then why did he let me cross the road and let a car hit me? Why did he let my mum get breast cancer? Why did he let my dog randomly collapse and die?’ There are too many things that id love to ask him/her about. But lately im really unsure about it all.

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