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i wish more people said that being single is normal

and you’re not going to meet and marry someone

and that’s fine

and if marriage happens, it happens. and it’s not the next big ticket to check off in life’s checklist

because not everyone meets someone they want to marry. and that’s normal

you’re not broken or unfulfilled if you are single


I’m not sure if it’s my allergies or I’ve caught whatever my dad has got, but I am dying. My face has swelled up and my nose is a constant tap. I’d not go in to Uni tomorrow but I haven’t been to this one lecture for weeks now… Eek. Plus I’m doing a group project and it’s not fair if I miss it all. I said I’d help my mate do this shoot for this girls project too 😩 but I’m so ill. Hopefully be better tomorrow. Hope ha

  -  21 October
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